Kimberly Williams Brown, M.S., M.A., PHR, Ph.D.

Pronouns: she / her / hers

Kimberly Williams Brown is the co-founder and director of the Intergroup Dialogue Collective, a non-profit that uses intergroup dialogue praxis to engage in critical conversations about race and racism. The collective consults with and does workshops for anyone interested in employing anti-racist tools as part of their practice. She is an assistant professor at Vassar College in Education, Africana Studies and Women’s Studies. She holds a Ph.D. and a certificate of Advanced Study from Syracuse University in Cultural Foundations of Education and Women and Gender Studies. Her scholarship sits at the intersection of race, gender and migration. She has co-written two books, “Rise for Racial Justice: How to Talk About Race with Schools and Communities” with Colette Cann and Meredith Madden (October, 2022, TC press) and a book “Say, Listen: Writing as Care” By the Black | Indigenous 100s Collective (October, 2023, new press).

Her forthcoming solo manuscript, Maroon Pedagogies: What Afro-Caribbean Women Teachers Tell us About Race, Representation and Resistance examines the work and life of Caribbean Black teachers in contemporary U.S. educational spaces. The book addresses the neoliberal recruitment practices of school districts and independent recruitment agencies to import teachers into “hard to staff” school districts from developing countries as well as the gendered racializations of women from “the third world.” The book makes an intervention into what we know about transnational Black feminist epistemologies, the push to recruit and retain more BIPOC teachers in schools and addresses the racist rhetoric and practices invoked by the “anti-woke” agenda.

In addition to her research, Dr. Williams Brown is invested in cultivating collaborative black and indigenous feminist praxis to expand what is possible for black and indigenous liberation. She is a member of the Black | Indigenous 100s Collective.